Check out SierraOskar’s latest single “Big Heart”, which works the quiet ambience of Patagonia into a meditative, melodic-techno groove.


SierraOskar was born and raised in the United Kingdom and (if he has to pick…) calls London home. He produces a hard-hitting, textured style of electronic music but one filled with nagging melodies and harmonic distortion.

The common thread in all of SierraOskar’s music is a passion for seeing the world and sharing it with people. He fuses this with his love of film composition and the need to tell a coherent narrative, all in an attempt to capture the primal feel of a live band.

He is currently hard at work on his debut EP “Choose Your Own Adventure: Vol 1”, inspired by his childhood love of the Fighting Fantasy book series by Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone. He aims to bring this to you by the middle of 2018…


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